17 May 2013

Flash Giveaway - New Pop Culture Homework Pack!!

Brand new Common Core homework pack just updated including high-interest subjects from American Pop Culture.  Your students will enjoy these opportunities for repeated reading with articles on Bruno Mars, LeBron James, the history of iPods, Starbucks, and Hersheypark, PA. 

One lucky winner will have the opportunity to score this pack for free!  Just be the first to accurately guess my favorite PIXAR movie & don't forget to leave your email in a comment below. 

Happy End of the School Year Countdown!! JUST 5 MORE SCHOOL DAYS!!

05 May 2013

Greek Mythology HW pack completed!!

Just completed my latest homework pack - and it turned out great!  I'm so excited I was able to retell some amazing tales from Greek Mythology including Pandora's Box, Echo, Narcissus, King Midas, and Arachne!  As my personal solution to raise the rigor for my CCSS aligned instruction this year, and reinforce these standards at home I decided to "reinvent the wheel" by creating my own homework resources.  I've been getting such great feedback from students, parents, and other teachers on these since it includes repeated reading, and other skills that require PRACTICE!!

Yay we made it to MAY!!
I just recently got hooked on Lipstick Jungle on Netflix but I have a feeling it's going to be over shortly as it is no longer on the air on NBC.  However, it's based on a book series, so there's a chance I can get my fix and a chick lit summer reading done.  I'll need some sort of entertaining read since all I've been reading lately are case studies and college textbooks and I'm glad that time of required reading has now past!   Earlier today, I ventured out to a Cinco de Mayo festival with my chihuahua to enjoy the festivities and their annual Chihuahua Races - she didn't enter this year but it was sooo cute, lil chihuahuas decked out in sombreros and dresses parading down their lane...  I'll for sure have to enter one of my 3 next year!    
Woohoo!! This Friday is my official graduation for completing my MBA - but instead of walking and investing $200 into a horrendous grad outfit I'll never wear again; I'm going to celebrate by going out with my friends instead!!Also, I can't believe Mother's Day is next weekend - while out and about at the 5 de Mayo festival I found a fabulous spot for a Mother's Day brunch but I'm hesitant to book anything since we hate dealing with all the crowds.  Maybe we'll postpone our celebration until the following weekend, that way it gives us the time to celebrate all the graduations (as there are 3 of us graduating!!)  Finally, I tend to procrastinate the undesirable since I put off all my household chores until Sunday.  As far as my summer bucket list - I'd love to spend some time vacationing in the Southeastern United States - New Orleans and Myrtle Beach are on my must-see list this year!!
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