03 September 2012

Happy September!

September is here and I love Labor Day weekend!  Despite the fact that each Labor Day weekend is spent completing progress reports, I've got to say that this break is definitely well deserved.  However, of course I have to come down with some "annoying little sinus bug" where my nose won't stop running this weekend!  Oh well, here's the latest September Currently:

Also, in my planning to teach 4.RL.7 ~ Make Connections Between the Text and a Presentation, I created this Anchor Chart to assist with my instruction this week.  I'm thinking I'll tie it into a high-interest closed captioning script (maybe Toy Story?), we'll read the text and then describe some strengths and then we'll compare it to the visual presentation, and once again describe how strong it conveyed certain aspects.  I hope the visual of "clear" as water, "foggy" like iced tea, and "unclear" like coffee registers with my kiddos.  This was something that my high school math teacher said to us a lot and I'm finally going to try it out with 4th graders!
download the Anchor Chart components here
Live Strong this September! ;)