31 March 2013

Positively PEEP-tastic! {freebie craftivity}

Which store have you been lately and not seen the PEEP takeover in the seasonal section?  Well, why not capitalize on all of the PEEP hype your students are truly entranced by using your leftover PEEPS or, (if needed) stocking up on these lovely delights as they dominate the post-Easter clearance sales and serve these after students have shared their creative PEEP tales.

Download my freebie here and Happy April to All!  Don't forget to join in on all of the other freebies by skipping on over to Freebie-licious or the Classroom Freebies link-up for this April Fools week by clicking on the button! 
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

It's up to you whether or not you prank FOOL your students by offering them a PEEP treat at the end of the day based upon their daily behavior, etc. ;)

EDIT: And in the spirit of the new April season, here's my currently - I'm so glad I've been able to return to this again after almost a 6-month hiatus on currently posts!
Ready to upload your own currently?  Well, check in with Oh' Boy 4th Grade here!
Off to brew my morning coffee now!

30 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Gotta love Pinterest to help inspire a couple of cute Easter ideas.  First, I *love* this free printable Easter pennant banner which can be found here!  I think it turned out great above the dining room table above all the deviled eggs and delish Easter sweets!

You've gotta love Peeps, and aren't Peeps on a stick just the most darling idea? You can find the free printable pictured in the frame from Flamingo Toes!

And last but not least, here's the Easter Gift Bags for the winners of all the fun & festive games I've organized to create lasting memories! We played "How Many BunnyMallows?" (players had to guess how many BunnyMallows filled the jar/container); the classic Easter Egg Hunt; while I hid the eggs, players waited inside completing my printable religious Easter game from my previous post; "Melt the Bunny" (used egg silicon mold and froze lil bunny figurines inside with water - players had to help free the bunny without smashing or using their mouths); and Easter Egg Toss (using a washer tailgate toss set). Everyone went home happy regardless of whether or not they won at all!
Happy Easter to All! :)

22 March 2013

Family Easter Party {printable game} FREEBIE!!

I simply adore Easter and last year after attending a baby shower a few weeks prior to our family's EASTER celebration I became inspired to create themed games and competitive activities in which the winner would have the opportunity to select a mystery gift bag.  Well, needless to say it was a MAJOR HIT!  We had "hatch the chick" where you had to use only your hands (no smashing) to free the plastic chick from the ice egg (used JELLO jiggler EGG molds in freezer), the traditional Easter Egg hunt, a Tailgate Toss (with jelly-bean and/or coin-filled plastic eggs instead of bean bags), and a printable riddle page.  Also, the last game was a "guess how many are in the jar" with peanut Easter M&M's and the closest predictions got to choose a gift bag.

The printable riddle page was modeled after the "guess which candy" game you play at baby showers but I tried to use more Easter connections like, "What Would Romeo Rabbit call his Hunny Bunny?" (answer: Sweetart)  However, this year I am trying a different riddle page as the contestants have already played my candy game last year.  I have included more religious elements such as Match the Bible Verses and Patron Saints.  I'm sure it will be another blast because of the competitive element that most family members naturally enjoy, well I know my family sure does!! :p

I'm pretty sure if I were a Catholic school teacher that my middle school thru high school students would enjoy playing this game as well!

Click the image below to download my Easter FREEBIE!

While you prepare for decorating, be sure to check out Detail-Oriented Diva's Easter-themed freebies as well - oh they're so CUTE - and she has several posts worth taking a peek at!
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18 March 2013

Palm Sunday Product Debut: SPRING Common Core Reading HW Pack!! NOW AVAILABLE!!

Wow!! I can't believe I lost my Spring Break.  Oh, how I wish to take back those fateful days to enjoy the 80 degree weather here in Phoenix instead of having suffered the pangs of the horrible stomach flu that literally had me tied up in the bathroom for a solid FOUR DAYS of my vacation.  This was the worst touch of nastiness I've ever experienced in my life, I mean literally both ends at the same exact time!  Man, almighty, do I regret coming in contact with the child culprit who passed this germy gremlin my way just as I began SPRING BREAK!!

Proud to report that I'm much healthier and happier now but also this unexpected plan of flu-like events has put me WAY BEHIND of schedule, TpT-creation wise!! Well, while many of us are eagerly awaiting PART ONE of the launch of Justin Timberlake's long-anticipated album, The 20/20 Experience, where we will *hopefully* enjoy 10 songs of his new material now and an additional 10 songs to be debuted in November as PART TWO of the 20/20 Experience - I have a product debut to announce as well!  Speaking of November, which was the month of many changes for me in several aspects of my life, it also was the last time I uploaded a Common Core Weekly Reading Homework Pack.  Palm Sunday, March 24th, will mark the debut date of the latest set to my homework pack line-up!

Thanks so much for your patience and messages of encouragement.  Prior to that, please look for an Easter freebie to add to your family's festivities which I hope to have uploaded for your downloading delights by this Friday!!