26 January 2014

Make a Class Jeopardy Board!

With the focus of our lit groups being on asking deeper questions and generating summaries to improve comprehension, I decided to build a Jeopardy board for my lit group meetings to encourage better participation and buy-in for students to ask more implicit vs. explicit questions. 

Materials Needed:
-Velcro squares (used on the number cards ONLY - whatever you want to remove)
-electrical tape (black lines)
-cardstock of choice
-paper cutter
-hot glue or permanent glue dots
-display board
-punch out letters
-H.O.T. question stems
-silver sparkly star stickers to differentiate the Teacher ? cards (from Lakeshore)

JEOPARDY! Board Directions:
1.  Find a colored display board and/or paint a white one you already have
2.  Position the JEOPARDY letters as desired (I hot glued mine)
3.  Print out these files below:
 -First, use 2x4 shipping labels print out 2 copies of the number cards
 -Next, using 8.5x11 paper, print out 2 copies of the question labels
 -Then, print out the question stems & use a paper cutter to trim edges
4. Assemble the pieces of the board as shown in the picture
5. Laminate the number cards after labels are affixed to cardstock so they last
6. Layout the number cards in center of board, then make electrical tape strips
7. Attach Velcro so the rough square is stuck to the board & the softie is on the card
8. Hot glue or glue-dot remaining display board signs (I liked the hot glue better)
9. Create MINI Jeopardy cards if you want the ability to reward one member of your group with a special privilege at the end (i.e. next scorekeeper, a clip-up, etc.)
10. Store MINI Jeopardy cards in a plastic bag and clip with a clothespin to board!

**Update - 02/17/2014** It has been about 3 weeks since I first implemented this lit group discussion strategy and I must say it has worked wonders!  The students look forward to this time of day and remain actively engaged throughout the entire activity.  Also, their questioning skills have definitely improved as well.  I have many students who come to our lit group with several questions prepared hoping to ask a 500-level question!

02 January 2014

January Currently

Good Morning and Happy 2014!

As I'm not one to really make resolutions (besides most are given up by the end of the month anyway) I thought I'd just set attainable goals.

This year, I'd like to set a goal of posting a Currently blog by the 3rd day of every month. So here goes the first one:

Truly, I am a homebody by heart so being able to cuddle up in my sweats with my pups and catch up on missed episodes of Braxton Family Values and discover a new TV show, American Horror Story and the addictive nature of Candy Crush is how I spent the past couple of days.

However, nearing the true weekend I can find myself transitioning from using my time for things I want to do to things I need to do.  The pressure to pop out some grading is becoming more pressing!  Oh well, I'll see what progress I'm able to make by the end of the day and report back tomorrow!