02 January 2014

January Currently

Good Morning and Happy 2014!

As I'm not one to really make resolutions (besides most are given up by the end of the month anyway) I thought I'd just set attainable goals.

This year, I'd like to set a goal of posting a Currently blog by the 3rd day of every month. So here goes the first one:

Truly, I am a homebody by heart so being able to cuddle up in my sweats with my pups and catch up on missed episodes of Braxton Family Values and discover a new TV show, American Horror Story and the addictive nature of Candy Crush is how I spent the past couple of days.

However, nearing the true weekend I can find myself transitioning from using my time for things I want to do to things I need to do.  The pressure to pop out some grading is becoming more pressing!  Oh well, I'll see what progress I'm able to make by the end of the day and report back tomorrow!



  1. Hi, Antonia! I'm a Candy Crush addict, as well! I'm on Level 421. Ridiculous, right?! It is a great game to use when faced with a stack of papers to grade. he he he Obviously, I am good at procrastinating! :)
    ~Joy (a.k.a. Joy of Teaching)

  2. Oh Candy Crush! My nemesis! :) My husband and I also love to watch Netflix TV shows. We are stuck on Dexter right now! Christmas break is the pefect time to binge watch them! :)

    Flying High in First Grade

  3. I will definitely be writing 2013 until...oh..April or so! It takes me so long to get used to the new year!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  4. Can you believe I have NOT played candy crush yet??? I'm scared I will get addicted!!

    I don't have any papers to grade, but I have lesson plans to do!! GAH!


  5. Mmm....I would love tamales each Christmas Eve. What a wonderful tradition! I have been working some Netflix marathons as well! The fiancé and I are working our way through all the seasons of Parenthood - so good!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  6. Happy New Year! I too am on a Netflix marathon but of Scandal!!!! So, so GOOD... and instead of Candy Crush, I got into the game/app Quizup... also So, SO GOOD!

    Come and check out my current Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  7. As part of his homework, my child had to read your story "Penguins" to me. I'd just like to say that it was very poorly written with obvious subject-verb disagreements and awkward word order. Please make a New Year's resolution to proofread your work. How can you expect children to learn if you cannot lead by example?