01 December 2013

'Tis the Season

On Donner, on Dasher, oh here we are now in December!  I tend to skip a couple of months with Farley's Currently blog linkup, but I'm back for the final month of the year :)

Listening - "Let it Snow" Holiday Movie premiere on the Hallmark Channel with the former child actress who portrayed DJ Tanner on Full House (gotta love the 90s).

Loving - I love the Bath & Body Works' fragrance: 'Tis the Season and have been waiting until December to finally put it to good use.  It's the perfect seasonal scent to transition from the lovely Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin of Thanksgiving.  According to Bath & Body Works 'Tis the Season is, "a holiday blend of rich, red apples, green pine and a touch of golden cider."  I'm so excited that I'm finally allowed to use it!

Thinking - I purposely avoided the claustraphobic crowds and ridiculously long lines that began Thursday evening and on Black Friday, therefore I need to get a move on with my online shopping to make sure I have some thoughtful and great gifts to share with my loved ones this Christmas!

Wanting - With my sweet tooth and Thanksgiving, Christmas parties and all of the abundance that is so widespread this holiday season I certainly hope that my waistline doesn't suffer too much from goodies galore!

Needing - My poor nails have been neglected over the past month.  I haven't given them a fresh coat of polish in over 3 weeks - so I will definitely be fixing that problem as soon as I log off my laptop!

Favorite Tradition:  I just love the glow and look of luminarias!  My family and neighborhood make it a tradition to light luminarias on the night of Christmas Eve.  At first we used to fill the paper bags with sand and use tealight candles, then Walmart began selling Luminaria kits with an electric powered light display, and more recently the flameless candles have allowed a less risky way to enjoy these holiday lights!

In addition to my hopes to check off some gifts off my Christmas shopping list, TpT will be celebrating with a sale for the season.  Be sure to use this time to cross some items off your wishlist as well!  I've been adding to my personal wishlist for the past hour... gah!

Finally, with the Winter Wonderland catching us all, I wanted to share my math poster for the Perimeter song as it is sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.  I know this is a 3rd grade concept that is retouched in 4th grade, but my students definitely don't recall the difference between perimeter and area when it showed up in our math review warm-ups.  Hopefully this will help keep it straight in their lil' noggins!
Pleasant Planning! :)


  1. LOVE your perimeter song! Pinning now!!


  2. Thank goodness for the Hallmark Channel at Christmastime, right??? Love it!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. I love all of the movies on the Hallmark Channel this time of year!


  4. Love your song! Good luck with your shopping for Christmas and on TPT!


  5. I'm right with you when it comes to wanting to not gain a pound! Haha! Might be a little late for that...guess I better get to working it off! ;)

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  6. I love Hallmark Christmas movies too! Actually, I saw the one you were listening to. :) The perimeter song is great! By the way, if you go to my blog, you'll find the link to that font you liked on my Currently.

    The Reinspired Teacher