12 October 2013

Fall Break Is Over? Please Say It Ain't So!

And all of a sudden it is Sunday Eve and that means there's one day left of my weekend before our Fall Break is officially OVER! Well, as personally promised, I tried to spend MOST of my break actually taking a BREAK from all things work-related this year.  It helps when you're unplugged, don't head back into the classroom, or check your school email for one to actually resist the temptation of using vacation days as catch-up days!!  (I hope I can only have as such strong willpower when our 2-week Christmas vacation rolls around.) 

This was made much more easier for me while spending Sunday - Wednesday in Laguna Beach, CA which is only a six-hour drive from home.  If you haven't been, I highly suggest visiting the beach at Treasure Island Park which connects to the Montage Beach Resort which is SOO BEAUTIFULLY landscaped because it's a five-star resort and you know they've got to make it look picturesque!  If you don't believe me, check out my pics below:
Treasure Island Beach Park - Laguna Beach, CA

Mickey Ghost Decoration for the Halloween Bash

My sis, Minnie Mouse and I - Disneyland, CA

Halloween Haunted Mansion (I do enjoy the familiarity of the regular ride better)

Also, when not enjoying the sandy digs of Laguna Beach, my baby sis (a Kinder teacher on Fall Break as well) and I ventured off to Disneyland with all of the other happiness-seekers on vacation too!  Although it was much more crowded than I would have preferred, Mickey and his crew sure know how to decorate for Halloween; all of the jack-o-lanterns and autumn foliage decor were gorgeous!!

Since returning from the joyous road trip and getting my much needed ZZZs, I am now plugged back into the hustle and bustle of the teaching blogisphere, and I'm glad I returned when I did because TpT is celebrating with a quick sale this weekend.  (Now I can grab those darling items I just added to my wishlist, hopefully you can do the same too!)

Thanks to Shuna of Pocket Full of Kinders for this cute image!
Did you hear? The Teachers pay Teachers Facebook page received 100,000 likes! To celebrate, they are giving an extra 10% off until 12:01 am Oct. 14th! Here is their message:

"100,000 likes on Facebook? Yes, we're celebrating right now! Enter code FB100K at checkout for 10% off including sale items. What's on your wish list? Ends when the date flips to 10/14."

Don't get too caught up with this sale-a-bration.  Remember to savor your Sunday, after all it's always just 24 hours away from the mayhem of Monday!!

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