03 August 2012

Quick Freebie Friday - Cursive Alphabet Cards

Happy First Friday of August!  Tonight is Meet the Teacher and the worst part is that we have a 4 hour meeting in the morning prior to lunch, and I still have to do the last finishing touches to spruce up the room.  Well according to my most recent roster I will have 34 students, our grade level limit is supposed to be 32 but our district won't let us do anything until school starts and we give them attendance numbers.  Last time this happened two years ago I had 38 students on my roster, and 35 kids in seats without enough desks, we made it work at the horseshoe table!! I have a feeling it's going to be a repeat of that lovely, hot, horrible B.O. experience in the Phoenix heat of August.

Anyway, we had our administrative team inform us that all upper grade classrooms must have a cursive alphabet displayed at the front of the room, so I went to Lakeshore.  All I saw was rainbow, rainbow, and tooo much color!  I love black & white as a color pallete with accents of calm colors here and there.  So I made my own, I know all the letters are not the same font size but the cards are and that's what I'm using.  I plan on gluing these to a cute wide fabric ribbon and hanging above my front whiteboard.  This totally cramps my style because I wanted to hang my test-taking strategy posters there.  Pues, asi es la vida {that's life}! Click the link below the picture to download now:

Disclaimer: The uppercase J somehow got cut off when saved as a pdf, but in powerpoint it looks absolutely normal.  Tried resaving and editing the size of the text box several times, and still could not get it to save correctly.  Yet, it's nothing a little black Sharpie personal editing can't solve!

My classroom pics will be coming soon!
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  1. Oh yikes...I've taught 4th grade for many years and I've never had the cursive alphabet posted...is there a reason? I either have it on their desks (which students tend to ink over and pick at) or a copy in their notebook.


    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

    1. I guess you are right...we do what we have to to make our administration happy. I feel that an alphabet on the wall takes up space I could use for something else. Now if I had lots of empty space that would be another story.

      Have a great year. I start, with kids, on Aug. 13...half day and then full speed ahead.


  2. Thank you for these! I'm 22 and I still write in cursive from when I learned in 3rd grade! I heard that all schools were doing away with cursive, though - truth??

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. Those came out great! I don't teach cursive in second grade but my kids are itching to try it! They get to in third grade.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. It's just like the suits to tell us what's best. I am sure your students will be very grateful to have the alphabet available to look at...who needs test taking strategies?!?! Nice job on the cards! I am now your 98th follower...you're almost to 100!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  5. Thank you for the alphabet cards. I was looking cursive letters that size.
    Come on over to Teacher Talk to see if you can use any of my freebies. I will follow you too so that's 99. :)

    Tammi www.tcbooth.wordpress.com