08 July 2013

Big Bay Boom San Diego and Made It Monday!!

Just returned from a 4th of July getaway to sunny San Diego!! The firework show DID NOT disappoint - much better than the Big Bam Boom Bummer of 2012.  We visited Coronado Island for the first time - so beautiful!! Went on a San Diego Ghost Tour - highly recommended; and enjoyed SeaWorld, OldTown, and of course, the BEACH!
Also, as we approach the new school year, it is time to get back into the Made It Monday swing of things!!  As I'm switching to a new district this year - that means I only have until 07/22 before I must report - that's 2 weeks (and 4 weeks til the first day of school)!!

#1 - Brownie Points
This is a cute lil' classroom management / positive incentive tool.  Reward your class for extraordinary behavior, classroom compliments, etc. and once the pan is completely filled with all 15 brownies, then reward them with whatever treat you'd like.  Examples include throwing a brownie party, lunch/movie in the classroom, class kickball game, pizza party, etc.  This is a great visual which is an awesome motivational tool to unite your students toward being responsible & working together towards a common goal!  If you'd like to try this in your class this year,  download my Brownie Points freebie here!

#2 - Paper Management Baskets
As a student teacher, I had the luxury of learning this tip from my mentor teacher.  In order to manage the piles of papers that accumulate in the classroom - have two paper collection baskets so students always know where to turn in their work and important forms.  Obviously, if it hasn't been graded yet, then the proper home for the paper would be the "ungraded" basket.  Any forms with parent signatures or assignments that have been graded in class may be turned into the teacher basket.  I just bought two lightweight plastic bins from the dishrack aisle at Walmart large enough to fit 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.  I also keep a container of binder and paperclips nearby so assignments can be sorted and grouped quickly.  All I did was print out my labels, attach to black cardstock, laminate, and tape to the basket!!

I can't wait to scope out all the other Made It Monday projects online linking up with 4th Grade Frolics, I'm sure they'll give me great ideas for next week's projects!!

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  1. Love your Brownie Points! I have been using this in my class for the last two years and my brownies are starting to show their age. Thanks so much for sharing these with me...I'm running a copy off today to refresh my old brownie points pan!

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