25 August 2013

Flash Giveaway - When It Rains, I Get as Busy as a Bee on TpT!! [multiplication freebie]

This weekend was a gloomy, rainy weekend so I carved out time to shut out the outside world and develop some fun new products for my store.  Here's a quick overview of the latest items I've added to my TeachersPayTeachers store.  (Click the headings to be taken to the product pages for more info):

1.  4th Grade - ELA CCSS "I Can" statements (polka dot framed borders)

2.  2nd & 3rd Grade - Main Idea & Details practice pack

3.  Factors, Multiples & Arrays Unit (Multiplication Practice Pack)

While I was fast at work on my laptop, I also watched the complete first season of ABC's Nashville online and am now ready for the upcoming second season!  I think it's amazing how you can become a fan of a TV show all in one weekend without ever before seeing a single episode.
As a treat to my blog followers, I am offering a flash giveaway of your choice to one of the new items posted above but you must abide by these rules:
1-Leave a comment below ANSWERING CORRECTLY whether I'm on Team Juliette or Team Rayna (Nashville reference)
2-Let me know which item you'd like me to send you if you're a winner
3-Include your email address

[p.s. - I will allow 8 winners - since August is the eighth month of the year!!]
Take Care, and may the 50-50 odds be in your swift favor!

But if you don't win, take advantage of the week-long sale I'm having on all my NEW items thru 8/31/13
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Multiplication FREEBIE: Box Method Strategy poster


  1. I think you are on Team Juliette.

    I would like the Main Idea & Details [2nd & 3rd Grade practice pack]


  2. I think you are on Team Rayna.

    I would like the Main Idea & Details [2nd & 3rd Grade practice pack]


  3. I'd say you're on Team Juliette! If I win, I'd love 2nd & 3rd Grade - Main Idea & Details practice pack!


  4. I'll go with Team Rayna:) The main idea and details pack looks amazing! I am teaching all 4th grade ELA this coming year and could really use that!! Thank you for the opportunity:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. I LOVE Nashville! I cannot wait until season two starts up! I'm going to guess you're Team Rayna!
    The factors, multiples, and arrays unit looks great :)

  6. I'm going with team Rayna! I would love the factors, multiples, and arrays unit!

  7. I think you are on Team Rayna. ( even tho I don't watch the show.... maybe I will start)

    I would like the Main Idea & Details [2nd & 3rd Grade practice please!


  8. I think you are on team Juliette. I would love the factors and multiples unit. jenhaygood@AOL.com

  9. I think you are on Team Rayna. I would love the factors and multiples unit!
    Thanks for the chance for a freebie!


  10. Thanks for participating - please check your emails for your winnings!! Truth is I love both of them, but because I'm of the younger generation and have been a Hayden fan since she was on Remember the Titans, one of my fave movies of all time - I lean slightly toward Team Juliette!