17 February 2014

If I Were 100 (Aging Booth & 100th Day for Big Kids)

Forgot to post these last month, but thought they were TOO cute to keep to myself.  After searching pinterest for some FUN bigger kid (I have 4th graders) activities, I ran across this activity from Edukate and Inspire which uses the app, AgingBooth.  Luckily, I have an Android, so it's completely free! Conveniently, I was able to snag this "If I Were 100" freebie and this became an instant classroom hit!
Also, I recently discovered this free photo publishing website called canva.com and was able to put together the image above.  BONUS:  they have plenty of free clipart / text editing images and layout to get carried away with.  Another nice alternative to creating my images in PowerPoint - however I must say that I'm much quicker when creating in PowerPoint.  

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