19 February 2014

Monday 2/24 is National Fake Moustache Day!

With any reason to alleviate a little stress that comes with preparing for high-stakes testing which is only 28 school days away, we will be celebrating National Fake Moustache Day this Monday (2/24)!  Help yourself to this un moustache-ably cute freebie I'm sharing to help you bring this fun frenzy into your classroom too!
[download freebie here]
From the makers of the AgingBooth app, comes BoothStache available for iPhones and free on Androids just in time for our class celebration of National Fake Moustache Day!  Just snap a serious headshot of your student and stick a stache on their face.  Fun for all to enjoy!
In the spirit of sharing, I also found some FREE online printable moustaches:

Keep calm and MOUSTACHE on!

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