01 March 2014

DIY St. Patrick's Art & MARCH currently!

Merry March 1st!  I happen to have nothing March-decor to hang above the top of my clip chart.  Ever since November, we've had a seasonal poster to "clip up to" after making it to "Top of the Chart."  Now that February is over, it's quite bare, so good morning pinterest crafting session!

I was able to put some of my pins from this morning to instant use.  I made two DIY paper hanging shamrocks and painted a pot of gold q-tip rainbow art with glitter shamrocks. Here's a look at how these crafts turned out:

listening - Ladder49 is playing on Cinemax - Robbie Robertson's "Shine Your Light" is playing as the movie ends (need to make sure I have that song on my iPod)

loving - hanging with my chihuahuas on this relaxing Saturday, I am reminded of just how long I have been blessed with these lil chihuahua schmoopies.  They just celebrated their doggie b-days (Mia pictured below just turned 6 on the 18th, and Chico turned 8 yesterday)

thinking - how adorably cute my new March-themed crafts will look on display in the classroom.  I had to replace the Cupid bear artwork from Dollar Tree and the handprint hearts on display and it looked so bare afterwards! 

wanting - my final observation to be over and done with (could it hurt to ask for it to breeze by with flying colors?!?)

needing - to do some work on preparing materials for my grammar lesson that I'll be having my formal evaluation (yay for the progressive tense!)

??? (random thoughts) - Hooray for Shamrock Shakes!! (such a morsel of March)


  1. Hi Antonia!! I am your newest follower. I love spending time with my dogs too. I have not yet try Shamrock Shakes but I will one day. I hope things goes well with your observations.
    Teaching, Studying, and Praying…Oh My!!!

  2. Hey! I love Mia, how adorable... Dog lover too!!! That shamrock will be hanging in my room next week. You've inspired me to get going on some March crafts!
    You're blog is so precious. I'm so glad to have found you:)
    Love, Dianna
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching


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