21 July 2015

Grab It While It's Hot!

Standing in line with my gold foil star wall decals that I plan on using to snazz up my lunch tub, I spotted Common Core teacher posters while waiting for the next available cashier.  Since I saw my favorite word CLEARANCE stuck to the top of each poster, I was sure I would find something worthwhile.  I managed to score two Carson-Dellosa sets I couldn't leave without. The first is cool visuals on nonfiction text features, and the other is all about fractions!

When I head down to the district materials center tomorrow, I better not be making this face!
So here are the bulletin board sets I scored for $2.97 each PLUS 15% off with my JoAnn's teacher discount.  Check out a JoAnn's store near you if this is something you could use!

I've been neglecting my blog lately because I finally became a homeowner at the end of April!! Buying my first home, moving into the new home, decorating, installing the essentials (cable, alarm, a ClassyCloset, etc.), and trying to coerce contractors into giving me a good deal because I'm a teacher and then getting the project done before summer break is over has been how I've spent my hiatus.

Definitely not thinking I will get much of my lofty bathroom renovations started before August but I've come to terms with that by now.  I will practice my teacher patience!

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