22 July 2015

Leadership Notebooks (Starter Kit)

2018 UPDATE: Unfortunately, this product is no longer available for sale or download.  I hope the content of this post will help you to implement & organize Leadership Notebooks in your classroom!

When I first started teaching at a Leader in Me school, students used Data Binders to track their academic and behavioral progress.  That was seven years ago!  Now, Leadership Notebooks have replaced Data Binders and I think I've finally wrapped my brain around how they are different.

Frequency of Use
Data Binders were basically kept at school and just shared with families during conferences as the students led their parents through their graphs and tests that reflected their quarterly grades.  Now, Leadership Notebooks are intended to go back and forth between home and school and give a more holistic picture of the child's development.  No longer just seen during student-led conferences.

Five Sections = 5 Tab Dividers
Pictures are more powerful than words so have a look at how my Leadership Notebook product may help you implement this progress documentation and home-school communication tool below!

As of the 2017-2018 school year, I have changed Tab 2 to be called 'My W.I.G.s' and we keep all of our academic & personal goals and scoreboards to track progress in there.

As of the 2017-2018 school year, Tab 4 is now called 'My Leadership' and students keep their habits self-assessments in there along with the Habits Overview page and reflective writing assignments.
Often, I have students tuck their final copy of a graded writing assignment in the MY VICTORIES section because it typically demonstrates quality work and can be referred to during conferences as a lengthier writing piece sample.  From time to time, students also did a quick write-up explaining the successful outcome of one of their WIGs and placed it in this section! Honestly, this section is probably the one that gets the most neglect in my classroom... #ALLtheTHINGS

Hopefully these tips will help you on your journey toward implementing Leadership Notebooks in your classroom!


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  2. HI! I love your stuff - especially your 7 habits and WIG pages. I can't find them on TPT - do you still sell your packet? Thanks!

  3. I am on TPT looking for your leadership binder but can't find it! Help!!

  4. I purchased your leadership notebook packet a while back and it is missing from my TPT account and I can't find it in your store...

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  7. Do you think you will begin selling this template anytime soon? I would love to use it in my classroom. The one I utilize is good but this one is GREAT!