02 April 2016

Happy April!

Join Farley for her April "CURRENTLY" throwback to the Comic Sans font and simple black & white formatting in this month's layout!  
listening: I'm getting caught up with my DVR and the "Latin Night" episode of Monday's Dancing with the Stars is playing in the background, I'm loving that Manya from Boyz II Men is workin' it this season!
loving: being born in April makes me biased to this month because of all the happy memories it brings along with the happiness of spring!
thinking: Good Riddance, State Testing is OVER!! (and school's not over until May 21st - that means I have time to teach units because they're fun and interesting, not because I have to!  Just this week before our last day of testing, one of the classroom dad's came in and taught us about electric voltages and we tested the power in various-sized batteries using multimeters.. Then, we got the electricity flowing through our bodies with the Van de Graaff generator!  Apparently, long, thin and straight hair works the best, as seen in the image below!

If you're interested in learning more about how the Nacho Party motivated my students to show up and do their best during testing week, check out my previous post!  We had a blast gearing up before Field Day yesterday!



  1. A nacho party sounds like great fun and awesome motivation. Isn't it so good to be done with testing. Both my husband and son are born in April as well, so it's a great month. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Best wishes!!

  2. Your nacho party looks like it was a blast! I'm excited to get back to FUN teaching, too!