01 January 2017

Have You Heard About Zearn? (You ZEARNED It! freebie)

If you follow or use parts of the Eureka Math / Engage New York / Expeditionary Learning math curriculum in your instruction, you and your students will 💓LOVE💓 zearn.org!

I love how it allows you to use the Zearn interface to teach the lesson/concepts in the same aesthetically-appealing digital format they will experience it when completing their online lessons and challenge (Tower of Power) activities.  Another great thing about using ZEARN is that it builds reports for you so you can track student progress, check-in with students experiencing difficulty, and group your kiddoz based on need.  But, the best thing about it, is it's absolutely FREE!!! 😎 (Check out the video below to see all of the benefits of using Zearn math in your classroom.)

What is Zearn Math? from Zearn on Vimeo.

Recently, I challenged my students to complete 25 Zearn lessons by December 25th!  As a result, the students who made the use of their time in computer lab, in the classroom, and at home, were able to rise to the occasion! 😍

To reward them, I prepped lil' holiday gift bags to put on their desks when we return from winter break.  I didn't spend more than $5 on each kid, as I love to bargain shop and scored great finds during the after-Christmas clearance sales!  Have you been to Target lately?  Lots of items were marked at 70% off, especially their holiday dollar spot items - so we're talking 30 cents, people --- A-MA-ZING!!

This morning, I put together lil' "You Zearned It" reward certificates to attach to their goodie bags.  You can access this free editable file from my store, if it's something you'd like to use as you implement Zearn in your classroom!  All you need to do is change the name in the PowerPoint file to the student you are rewarding and print on the cardstock or paper of your choice!  (I used lime green - also green is the big color of 2017, or so I've heard)
I'm thinking for my Valentine's challenge, I will punch a couple holes in the red/pink certificates and attach a Pixi Stix candy straw - YUM! 😉

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