06 January 2017

Writing ONE WORD Visions to INSPIRE in the New Year!

Keep a simple resolution by choosing a one-word focus for the year!  It's a pretty simple concept really, just pick a word that helps you to achieve a certain goal (i.e. relax, family-time, fitness, unplugged, etc.)  For personal use, just write it out on a square sticky note and place it on your laptop or somewhere you'll see in your office.  Make it look nice by adding some artistic detail and relevant illustrations and/or doodles.
If you're a techie, type it up in a handwritten font and add images of your choice.  Why not set it as your desktop wallpaper?  Throughout the year, just silently visualizing or saying the word to yourself will help put it at the forefront of your mind, and I'm positive you'll be more motivated to achieve your goal!  Scroll down to see how my students were able to write one word visions for their New Year Resolutions!

 Here's a look at how a student vision square turned out:

To introduce this activity, we talked about how the beginning of each year is a time a lot of people think about what they want to do during the upcoming year.  Perhaps, they have goals they want to achieve.

Maybe, there's a certain action or hobby they want to improve at during the new year.
Or, like vision boards, maybe there's a desired travel destination to go during the new year!

After brainstorming a list of ideas together as a class and giving examples of how to narrow down a typical kid resolution.  For example, we determined that, "being nicer to my brother or sister" turned into a one word vision would be, "kindness."

In my class, I use an Instagram-themed bulletin board called Leadergram because I tie it in with the Habits for our Leadership classroom.  All the students received a square piece of computer paper.  My headline reads: "2017 vision words to help us 'Begin with the End in Mind!'" because it gives us a purpose on our year-long journey.

Then, I had my students use the sentence starter, "________'s word for 2017 is ________"

The one word vision was supposed to be larger than the rest of the words, bolded (so it would stand out) and then, I suggested they add pictures and/or color to decorate their square papers.

So what's my one word vision this year?  I chose organization!  I feel like I'm always saving binders but never have sat down to take the time to setup and organize all my binders. I can't wait to reduce all the clutter of papers I have through organization this year!  Here's to a more inspired and organized year!

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