06 June 2017

Be a Pineapple! (Welcome Bulletin Board)

I have always had a LOVE for all things PINEAPPLE!  So, as I was preparing for back-to-school last year, I whipped up some pineapple name tags to become my welcome display board.  This board is located next to the entrance door out in the hall and stays up all year with the names of all the students in my class!

Growing up in the 90s, I fondly remember my sister and I getting these adorable Dole pineapple stuffed toys.  I had a surfer boy pineapple wearing shades & holding a surfboard.  My sister had the beach girl pineapple accessorized with a purse and hula skirt. I was able to find some pics of these Piney Pals on ebay.  Did anyone else have these?  So, basically these cuties were my inspiration!
After typing in the student names, I just cut with my paper cutter (I guess you could cut out the shape of the pineapple, but let's be real - ain't nobody got time for that!), and then laminated before posting.

If you'd like to use the same clothespins as me for your bulletin board, I found some miniature white clips at Michael's.  You should be able to find it with their scrapbooking brand, Recollections.  After securing enough rows of twine (or ribbon) to your board, these name tags clip on easily to complete the display!

What I love about these pineapples is they're so happy, not to mention the kiddoz loved them too! Bring the joy and kindness of these pineapples into your classroom by clicking the image below:

 P.S. I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her #MadeItMonday posts - she's got the tropical vibe going on too - go check it out!! :) ... AND...
Happy Summer!


  1. I'm loving the pineapple trend! It's absolutely adorable just like your welcome board! I cut almost everything with my paper cutter. Sometimes, I think, "I should've using my silhouette", but it still takes a lot of time when it's bigger items that require switching papers and loading and unloading the mats. They turned out great even without cutting around them! ;)
    Krisanna @ The Teal Paperclip

  2. The pineapples are very cute! I'm sure your students love them.

  3. This pineapple trend is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching at the Beach

  4. So cute! Thank you for linking up:) I've gone tropical cray at my house...lol. Which is funny because I live in Florida so you think I would have done it a long time ago:)

  5. I am loving the pineapples! They just make you smile!😃

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