19 April 2013

"Cinc" a Peek!

Cinc a Peek [sneak a peek!!] at my upcoming Cinco de Mayo unit!!  As a thank you to all my bloggistas out there, here's a lil' Cinco comprehension freebie [just click the image to download]

Freebie Fridays
Classroom Freebies Manic MondayIf you're like me and loved the movie, Mean Girls, especially since it came out while you were in high school - you're gonna have to see this coming-of-age movie available on Netflix - it's called, LOL. (the title totally gave me super low expectations before putting it on ,but I got totally sucked in with the quality soundtrack and now I'm obsessed with the song that Miley's love interest sings in the movie!  The song I need on my iPod as of yesterday is called "Heart on Fire" by Jonathan Clay)  FYI: this guy [Douglas Booth] is set to be the new Romeo in an upcoming Romeo & Juliet movie - gotta love the hair.  It's like McDreamy hair or something! :p Wow, he was born in 1992 - I feel like such a cougar!!  I'm sure he'll be the next Edward Pattenson after the Romeo & Juliet movie comes out, IMO he's so much more handsome than Edward.  {LOL ended up meaning lots of love! cute!}

p.s. 7 days left to win my 200 follower & Bday Bash giveaway (see last post)

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  1. I just watched that movie, it wasn't too bad, and he is totally dreamy...