21 April 2013

Final Hours for Friends&Family Sale!!


So I'm going through my closet and it feels like I have absolutely NOTHING to wear, as I seem to have donated a lot of my spring/summer clothes OR simply have outgrown what I'm used to wearing because of what happens to my body as a result of getting my Masters AND working FULL-TIME!!  Hopefully once it's all over (1 week left of this double life), I will be able to drop the weight fairly quickly.

Anyway, these combined factors got me in the mood to do some online shopping to one of my fav. retailers: The Loft by Ann Taylor.  Luck should have it that they're currently celebrating their friends and family appreciation event and you can score 40% off EVERYTHING in their store (online & retail).  I wanted something washable (not dry clean only) and perfect for the warm months ahead here in AZ!

Look at my perfect-for-summer dresses below!

Next item on my to-do list, schedule a pedicure so the toesies can be equally as beautified!

P.S. hop on over to "This Little Piggy Reads" as she is also celebrating a giveaway this week! 

P.S.S. enter MY GIVEAWAY by clicking the banner below - you still have until 4/26!!

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