06 March 2016

Leprechaun Limericks

Before leaving for Spring Break, my students studied how to write limericks and used the template available at the First Grade Parade to publish each of their Leprechaun Limericks.

I had saved the first limerick I ever wrote while I was in 5th grade, and used my example for the craft:

The students used this writing frame for their Leprechaun Limericks:

TITLE:  ______________ the Leprechaun

line 1: There once was a leprechaun named _____________
line 2: _______________________________ ends with word that rhymes with name
line 3: __________short & begins new rhyme scheme
line 4: __________short & rhymes with last word in line 3
line 5: __________________________concludes with an unexpected twist; rhymes with lines 1&2
I loved how creative some of my students were by designing the hairstyles to better reflect their personal tastes!
If you'd like the printable Limerick page my students used to compose their rough drafts, it's available here!

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