25 March 2016

Making Test Prep FUN!

I use a class review game called SCOOT where task cards are put at each student desk and then after the allotted time (varies based on the concept from 40  - 90 seconds) I say "SCOOT" or after we've played for a while, I can just ring my bell/set my phone timer and they know what to do!  This is perfect for TEST PREP because I can assign multiple problems on a specific concept and see how well they're doing.  It allows me to focus more of my instructional time on concepts they're struggling with and skim through those that are a breeze.  If you teach 4th grade, and are interested in my fractions set pictured above, it is available here!

So what makes SCOOT fun for kids?  Well, first of all, they're getting to move around the room!  Second, if they finish early and have double-checked their problem they get to SILENT READ (something there's not much time for within our daily schedule)!  And, I entice them with some motivational SCOOT prizes for excellent accuracy and/or behavior throughout the review!  Who isn't motivated by food?  Well, I know I certainly can't resist a free sample at the stores, so I keep a bag of snacks stocked with food to pass out to the lucky winners! If that isn't your style, free rewards also work well (sit in the teacher chair, lunch with teacher, 10 minutes of free tech time, etc.)!

If you're interested in trying this out in your room, try this simple ELA Test Prep set out by clicking the image above!  The skills covered are rather basic but are a great way to introduce this format to your class ...
Or, if you need to review 4th grade fractions concepts and are looking for a fully editable set where you can customize the names to include students in your class or are in need of more than 24 cards, try my math task card set below!  Or, if you're not a techie, it includes a matching blank template to print and create additional cards by writing them in!  Hopefully you'll give this way of reviewing skills a try if you haven't already.  SCOOT is a HOOT!

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