06 July 2016

Burlap & Glitter, What Could Be Better?

This year I will be revamping the look of my classroom and since I'm such a fan of shabby chic and coastal decor at home, I thought it might as well be time to transform my room too!  Apparently the fire marshal has enforced some new rules & the good ol' days are over, so I'm forcefully happily changing.

Gone are the days of ceiling to floor fabric to cover the drab gray walls.  In fact, fabric is FORBIDDEN!  I'm not lying when I say all the teachers at my school have invested hundreds of dollars into fabric to beautify their rooms.  What a tragic heap of fabric our floors will be covered in when we're set to go back to remove it all before the new school year begins!

Needless to say, I am on a mission to beautify my classroom walls, under these terms:
*only 50% of the wall can be covered with teaching material and posters
*nothing can be hung higher than 18 inches from the ceiling
*no paper can be used to cover walls unless its specifically "flame-retardant"
*praying it can be done!

My Fire Marshal Misery can be Your Victory since I've been playing with a Burlap & Glitter INSPIRATIONAL quote poster set.  I've included 8 inspirational quotes each set on silver, turquoise, pink and violet glitter frames.  

You can see that many of my motivational messages come from Kid President.  I love him and I know my incoming fourth graders will too, especially if last year's group is any indication.

[download information below]
Click the image below to be taken to my store where this resource is featured.  Once there, click the green preview button and you will have your Kid President Quote freebie.

As I leave you, I am striving to remember "You can't be sad when you're holding a cupcake!" because Kid President makes an awful lot of sense.  Just have to make sure to bring some cupcakes along with to my classroom as the Operation Satisfy Fire Marshal Project begins.

Take care and have a cupcake! :)

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