17 July 2016

oFISHally the EASIEST Student Welcome Gifts (under $10 for all 30 students!)

With more emphasis having to be on redesigning the look of my classroom while trying to appease the Fire Marshal's stringent rules, I have less time for other things ... in this case, what am I going to handout to my new students on Meet the Teacher night?  I <3 LOVE <3 printable labels and found a box of 30 packs of Goldfish on sale at Sam's Club and figured I'd go the lazy route this year.
Tip: The flap at the top of the bag seems to be the perfect height for an address label to be attached.  Literally, this whole process must have been 5 minutes and no salty fingers this year. BONUS!!  If you're interested in the printable labels template, download it by clicking the image below.
Fonts I Used: Felt, Elephants in Cherry Trees
Make sure these are installed on your computer if you want the labels to look the same as pictured.
As an alternative to the lazy route, a few years ago I posted about my Goldfish filled Ziploc snack-sized bags to give away as lil' goodies when welcoming students at Meet the Teacher Night.  (This was before I even knew these individually packaged snacks existed in bulk.)
If you're interested in learning more about how I created these, then click here.

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