28 July 2018

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Kit (Meet the Teacher FREEBIE)

I am going to start implementing Growth Mindset into my classroom this year and can't wait to see the benefit on my students' motivation levels.  Aside from my basic understanding that the brain is plastic and we want to teach students to move from a FIXED mindset to a GROWTH mindset, I really wanted to learn more so I signed up for a free webinar by Create-abilities!  I can't wait to put what I learn into practice with my new class this year!  Black & gold / all things bling are totally my style so that's what you'll see represented in the look of these posters!
In my excitement to get this going, I decided to make some festive posters to create a Growth Mindset Bulletin Board.  The great thing about the placement of this bulletin board, is that everyday when the kids walk in, it's in their direct line of sight.  Also, when I am standing at the SMARTboard or WHITEboard giving direct instruction, it's in my direct line of sight.  That way, it reminds me to make these important connections for the students as they are learning!

As promised, I have made a special freebie available for download on TpT for you to set a GREAT first impression on Meet the Teacher Night.  Grab the FREE PRINTABLE by clicking the image below!

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