19 July 2018

This CLASS is ONE in a MELON! (1st Week of School Bulletin Board)

So I have this GREAT idea for a first week of school bulletin board!  It's going to say "This CLASS is ONE in a MELON!"  All the kids will have taken a picture with my yet to be made soon-to-be-made watermelon paper plate prop or EASY print & go prop available HERE
The picture will accompany a paragraph of writing that tells what makes each kiddo, "ONE in a MELON!"  I've included an exemplar to help all my students be successful.  And, let's be honest, most kids need all the help they can get in those first couple of days back from summer break!  To help get ideas flowing, there's also a writing frame included which is perfect for younger grades and I know it is just what my struggling writers & ELL students need.  The final copy provides room for the student picture & it's even EDITABLE, so you can insert the image & type their name in ALL AT ONCE!
 Did I mention that I'm SO proud of myself because I actually designed the watermelon props myself using PowerPoint shapes?  Obviously, I am not going to become a clipart designer anytime soon, I would most likely need PhotoShop, but I thought the heart-shaped seeds were a cute touch to the #uplift theme I want to implement in my class this year!
I also had fun putting my title for my Watermelon Bulletin Board together.  I just printed out the pages I needed, cut & glued onto a black poster board I had at home.  When teachers report back to my school in just 5 days, I'll have the secretary laminate it for me.  That way I can use it again next year! (If that's not your style, there are OTHER title options, including banners - 2 images below) 
There aren't any pics with student work yet because I haven't started the school year with students. It will be done either the 2nd or 3rd day of school since I PLAN to have it on display for parents to admire for Curriculum Night which is now oh-so-easily called, "Parent Teacher Connect Night" at my school!🤣  
Click the pic below to follow my INSTA so you'll be the first to see how my bulletin board comes to FRUITION with ACTUAL student work!
Also, I just finished reading Part III of Ron Clark's "The End of Molasses Classes" and he gave a good tip on how to improve students' abilities to speak in public settings which included giving them a LEAD role as they guide/give their parents a tour during Curriculum Night.
 I WANT to implement this, but not sure if it's too much of an undertaking to prep the students beforehand... we shall see!


  1. I have my students guide their parents through our classroom by giving them a list of what to share. It has worked amazingly well and freed me up to walk around and check in with parents.

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