29 July 2012

Celebrate Giveaways Sunday #3 & a mini classroom preview

 Here's the latest update on current giveaways around the teaching blogiverse:

1. Sassy in Second: Back in the Groove giveaway
2. Finally in First: Mega giveaway
3. Wild About Words: New Masterpiece giveaway
4.Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans: 500 follower giveaway
5. Lanier's Lions: 100 follower giveaway
6. Miss V's Busy Bees: 200 follower giveaway
7. The Elementary Adventure: 100 follower giveaway
8. Simply Sprout: 20,000 views giveaway 
9. Kindergarten in Heels: 50 follower giveaway
10. Bright Concepts 4 Teachers: 100 follower giveaway 
11. What the Teacher Wants: Erin Condren giveaway

Also, I spent the past couple of days setting up my bulletin boards and discovering new projects "to tackle" in my classroom.  One of those new projects I discovered was the lovely fact that district sent the tech department in to "reclaim" printers from classrooms while teachers were not around to ask questions or give any of their 2 cents.  All our teachers have been used to a district laser printer in their classroom FOREVER, but now since there's no money left in the budget to repair or send us toner - they've visited grade levels and left only one printer behind for the entire pod to share.  No note, no email, nothing - had to talk to the secretary to have her update me on the memo I never received.  Well, I thought, "fine, I guess I can live with sending a child down to fetch the papers I've printed."  But the printer they chose to leave behind was the oldest one that leaves huge gray streaks on every page so when you go down to the Xerox machine to run off classroom worksheets, each page is covered in massive gray streaks.  Given how OCD I am with the way things appear visually, this was a HUGE dealbreaker!  So thus began my search for a personally purchased printer.  Here's a mini preview of how things are looking:

"Sea" What to Expect in 4th Grade - hallway bulletin board

MY printer (ignore the cord jungle)

Had to showcase the printer on ZEBRA!!

new Skippy Bandito toy has found his home!
I love these tower fans - always have kept two in my classroom!


  1. Thank you for blogging about my giveaway! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees
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