22 July 2012

Happy Celebrate Giveaways Sunday #2!!

Well I made a cute button for it and everything, so it looks like I'm keeping with this weekly Sunday tradition.  I'm doing this so I can help myself keep track of the giveaways I've entered, and share the info with my followers!  So here are the latest and greatest teaching blog giveaways (that I've found so far) this week:

1. Life Is Sweet...In Kindergarten (B2S bundle)
2. A Cupcake for the Teacher (COACH keychain)
3. Kinder Alphabet (back-to-school bundle)
4. LearningInWonderland (2012-2013 calendar)
5. Primary Graffiti (Chevron Reading Genre Posters)
6. Curls and a Smile (1000 follower giveaway begins 7/23)
7. Just Reed (Erin Condren lesson plan book)
8. Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files (custom block signs)
9. Swimming Into Second (10 days of giveaways-day4)
10. Reading Toward the Stars! (207 follower giveaway)
11. Carried away in Kindergarten (200 follower giveaway)
12. Diving Into Learning (Vegas Jackpot giveaway)
13. Falling Into First (300 follower Thirty-One giveaway)
14. Down the Learning Road (100 follower giveaway)
MY WINNINGS UPDATE:  I also was greeted with not one, but two congratulatory emails that I won prizes from giveaways I entered last week!  First, I won Skippyjon Jones ears from Anita. It turns out that I was the winner by default because the original winner already owned the ears & generously wanted someone else to enjoy the prize, which ended up being me! Thank You!!! :)
       Second, I just found out from Desiree at KindersOnTheBlocks that I won her 1st blogiversary Thirty-One Thermal Tote!  It's so stinkin cute with the polka dots, the bright pattern on top, not to mention the personalization!  THANKS AGAIN, I can't wait to open my presents once they arrive in the mail! (It truly is Christmas in July!)