13 October 2012

New Autumn Additions!

This morning called for a mini shopping spree as I am now at the "I have nothing to wear" stage with my wardrobe.  I'm ready for the season change.  My only problem is - I have to wait until November for the season to change from HOT to COMFORTABLE while living in Phoenix.

Here are some of the cute deals I snatched up:

1-Day of the Dead purple ornament

2-H&M (coral, lace blouse; aqua dress/blouse; metallic gold hair elastic)

3-Forever 21 (gold teardrop earrings; pink/gold necklace-perfect accent to H&M coral blouse)
4-Bath&Body Works Outlet (Wallflower packs $6 each; wall plugin for work; free Signature item)

AND... Suddenly, it's Celebrate Blog Giveaways:
[on Saturday - I know it's not Sunday yet!!]  But, I had to post one day early!!

1 comment:

  1. I love shopping for fall stuff! It's a little easier in New England, since it was 30 degrees this morning. Bath and Body Works has the best stuff!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade