22 July 2014

Math Facts Made Easy with Math Magician!

I'm so excited to have just finished creating my Math Facts Club clip chart. (so much cuter than my first system from back in 2010 - scroll down - but don't say I didn't warn you)  I love how this visual tool just entices students to race to the top just like our behavior clip chart.  Not to mention, it also boosts student fact fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division which are kind of foundational skills when it comes to working with the upper elementary level math concepts!   Learn more on how to easily implement this fact fluency program into your classroom at just 5 minutes a week!

The first school to ever hire me was a Title I school where family support at home was limited to say the least.  So the math coach instituted a schoolwide Math Facts Club where the kiddos would test in their classroom, and then once they reached the grade-level benchmark agreed upon, teachers sent names to the coach so she could officially announce the new inductees over the morning TV announcements.  All members to join the Math Facts Club earned a certificate, a fun pencil, and an official T-shirt!  Needless to say, the kids would reenter the classroom like rockstars.  So with a little power from peer pressure, and the desire to make it to the TV announcements, our student population couldn't get enough of the Math Facts Club.

Well, that was before Common Core, multiple budget cuts, and the recent push toward more "discovery learning" vs. rote-based memorization.  During my short time there, print shop orders for the Math Facts Club tests were eliminated, the TV announcements stopped because we had to utilize every "academic minute", and out the window went the cool math prizes along with any other notion of fun.

In my attempt to provide the same excitement of math fact fluency for my new batch of 4th graders, I searched online for different math fact programs and discovered Math Magician.
Math Magician was perfect because it too required students to complete 100 problems within five minutes - just like our school Math Facts Club!  Since we had just adopted the Leader in Me, I knew that this data could easily be tracked from week to week like our spelling, math and reading quizzes. (pic of my old-school / just started teaching / new teacher salary / KG fonts didn't exist Math Facts Clip Chart below)
As far as prizes, Claim Jumper (a fabulously delicious restaurant a mile away from our school) sent me an email inquiring if our school would be interested in certificates good for a free kids meal.  Seriously?  It was meant to be!  Now, I'm sure you could hit up local fast food chains near you and have similar success, but you'll find six different certificates to choose from in the Math Facts Club pack.

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Find the complete Math Facts Club set complete with clip chart labels, graphs & certificates by clicking the pic below:

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hooray for Tuesday - the most productive day of the week! :)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing information about your math facts club. I have been grading timed test each week and they have been slowly sucking the life out of me. This site will make this time less painful for me and I know my students will prefer using the computer. This is such a fantastic idea! I will be using this in my fourth grade class next year.