24 July 2014

Snapshots from My Classroom!

So I went in to drop off a few things today, and decided it was time to put the desks back into table groups.  Here's some quick snapshots, obviously most of the walls are bare of anything but fabric and border.
7 Habits / Data Wall / Clip Chart
Science - loved the plate idea from Pinterest last year

Reading Wall Panels / Horseshoe TAble

Writing Wall / back of room

student work wall (no students yet) / blank space = Grammar Wall / Fear the Fork (go ASU!)

Math Wall  / view of desks from back of room

view of whiteboard from back of room

view of bathroom sign-out table / lunch tub / recycling bin
Well, I still have plenty to do, what teacher doesn't?  But it'll happen next week because a week from now,  Meet the Teacher will have already happened!  WHOA

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  1. I love the bright blue!! The kids will love it too. Your room looks like a happy room!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'