19 August 2016

Class Olympic Games

This week we've been doing lots related to the Summer Olympic Games!

Students worked in research groups to gather factual and Olympic-related information for their respective countries. Our class is made up of Team Australia, Team Brazil, Team China, Team Great Britain, Team Jamaica, and Team USA. Students synergized to put together Google SLIDE presentations on their country and after teaching the class about what they learned, they demonstrated and hosted an indoor event. The events are our way of celebrating after working hard/getting the job done!

 To kick-off our Class Olympic Games, the class participated in my indoor event first: Finger Flingers! (I found these irresistible toys in the Dollar Spot section of Target.)  Whoever could launch the squishy flinger the farthest, determined the rankings. A member of Team USA clenched the first gold medal by sending his Chicken Flinger the farthest distance in our class! (silver: Jamaica & bronze: Australia) 
Also, Team Great Britain planned out an Obstacle Course event in which Team Brazil earned a gold medal, followed by Team Jamaica with a silver, and Team USA with a bronze.
In keeping with the spirit of the actual Olympics, after each event we hold a Medal Ceremony and play the National Anthem of the country who won gold. Today we were able to pay tribute to both USA and Brazil for their gold wins!
On Tuesday, students had a chance to do "ice skating" in the classroom.
Our class was excited to take part in these events (except not so happy after Tug-of-War) and we look forward to the rest of the week as well as our Closing Ceremonies on Friday where we will honor all students' "Olympic efforts" and participation! 
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  1. Looks like this was a great way to build community. Have a great school year!