13 August 2016

Team USA Olympic Biography Posters

Since the first day of school, August 1st, we've been studying the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.  We started off by learning about the Ancient Olympics with an entertatining TED video, moved into Olympic symbolism and the Modern Games and then ended our first week of school by creating our Rio-inspired Olympic torches to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies later that evening.

This past week, we separated into six work teams of 4 students each to complete country-specific Olympic-related research on Google Slides.  Now, the students are preparing their oral presentations and unique events to demonstrate and hold our own indoor Olympic Games.

During the week of group presentations, we'll move toward our individual study of a certain sport and profile a respective Team USA Olympic Athlete competing in that event.  Naturally, I had to update my Olympian Bio writing posters.  I can't wait to use it this year!
 I am using Simone Biles as my example because she is probably the most well-known among my class.  I have more girls than boys, Michael Phelps would surely be a close second!  I won't allow any of my students to research her as this will be the example I show when explaining the assignment.
 My school is a Leader in Me school, so I'm also teaching my students the Habits - which there are now 8, so I'm having them infer a connection to the 8 Habits while they conduct research, watch video interviews and/or live Olympics footage.

I've also created a list of medal hopefuls at this year's Summer Olympics for Team USA which correspond with specific pages on biography.com and teamusa.org that give athlete profiles.  There are 24 athletes, so each of my students has their very own Olympic Medalist to research.  As far as medal standings go, I really love the aesthetics of the Google Olympics interface.  Very sleek!
Being one of the first products I had ever created for my TpT store back before the London 2012 Olympics, I finally updated this resource and it's better than before!  Check it out below!

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